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Wow, hello, all! [25 Nov 2013|12:31am]
It has been about five years. I've recovered from my eating disorders and am on twitter if you'd like to find me there!


i hope you are all well and doing better now.

I am now engaged to a beautiful woman (yes, woman) and been living in a therapeutic community for six months in recovery for a personality disorder. I'm finally practically self harm free, alcoholism is controlled, eating issues no longer really there and have happiness.

I look back and some of my old posts in horror. I don't even connect with the person I used to be. I was very desperate and rather sad. I am blessed to have finally got the right help.

please let me know how you all are and hopefully we can connect on twitter or facebook


All the best!
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[17 Dec 2004|02:38pm]
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